Sunday, 21 May 2017

Results from this weekend's race.

We have had a busy few days and so if you are looking for results, you'll find the following race results here. The results are listed in chronological order - so if your race isn't showing first, simply go to the bottom of the page and click on 'Older results' and you'll find your race. If you are viewing on a mobile device you may just need to click the tight hand arrow.

The following races are featured below:

The Bedgebury Canicross Challenge 10k
The Bedgebury Canicross Challenge 5k
The Beginners2Runners Woodland Run 10k
The Beginners2Runners Woodland Run 5k
The Bushy Park 10k
The Bushy Park 5k
The London Spring 10k
The Podplus Ashford 5k and 10k Series
The Leicester City 5k Series
The Nottingham 5k Series
Out of the Blue 10k and 5k

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