Thursday, 24 June 2010

24th June 2010 4th Peasmarsh Midsummer-ish Hash-ish

Thanks to those that joined us for the 4th Midsummer-ish Hash-ish from the Royal Oak, in Rye Foreign last night.

The event is purely social and the entry fees covered the small amount of race expenses - primarily prizes - the barbecue and the live music. I think everybody enjoyed the evening and we’ll repeat it next year.

Congratulations to our race winners, Jeff Pyrah and Lynn Hayes (again!). Jeff broke the course record which has stood for three year. Well done too to those who collected a category prize. Wadhurst Runners managed to pinch the team prize from Hastings Runners, which sent at least one old man home happy.

The results are below.
1 0:23:53 PYRAH, Jeff Guildford and Godalming Man
2 0:24:44 REED, Barney Bodyworks XTC Lad
3 0:26:12 PAIN, Michael Wadhurst Runners Old Man
4 0:27:46 NOAKES, Martin Hastings Runners Old Man
5 0:29:49 BURFOOT, Peter Wadhurst Runners Old Man
6 0:30:18 HAYES, Lynn Wadhurst Runners Lady
7 0:31:36 PYRAH, Sam Womens Running Network Lady
8 0:32:27 KEMP, Albert Wadhurst Runners Old Man
9 0:34:07 WRAIGHT, John Unattached Old Man
10 0:34:26 HALL, Michael Hastings Runners Old Man
11 0:35:04 FOORD, Mike Hastings Runners Old Man
12 0:35:52 JACKSON, Chris Unattached Old Man
13 0:39:21 SHERWOOD, Debbie Unattached Lady
14 0:39:21 ROBUS, Dave Unattached Old Man
15 0:42:58 BRASS-HAGUE, Dana Unattached Young Lady
16 0:43:18 PRICE, Kirsten Unattached Young Lady
17 0:43:54 HILL, Davinia Hastings Runners Lady
18 0:44:51 RINGROSE, Sophie Unattached Lady
19 0:45:41 TURNER, William Unattached Old Man
20 0:46:55 WREN, Sara Wadhurst Runners Lady
21 0:48:02 REED, Nick Bodyworks XTC Old Man
22 0:49:53 D'AUBNEY, Claire Wadhurst Runners Young Lady
23 1:15:30 GUYENETTE, Sally Unattached Lady
24 1:15:30 STEWARD, Emma Unattached Young Lady

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