Thursday, 23 December 2010

Lamberhurst 5 Mile Race cancelled

We have a very difficult decision to make about this race and our belief is that we need to make that decision sooner rather than later.

We drove the course yesterday and a good mile and a half stretch of it still has hard snow and ice because it isn't used by traffic. Additionally the hills down into - and back up from - the village still look as though they would be very dodgy to run on if there is a frost. You may or may not be aware that we had to cancel our two Christmas races last weekend because of the weather.

The weather forecast seems to indicate no let up in the conditions with the latest forecast being:

Christmas Day very cold, perhaps isolated light snow showers. Boxing Day dry, frosty with sunny spells away from lingering freezing fog patches. Monday feeling bitterly cold, chance of snow arriving

If we were to bet/guess we would suggest that there would be a very strong likelihood of us having to cancel this race - unless there is a dramatic improvement in the weather between now and New Years Day. If we're all honest, I suggest that we can't see that happening.

Our problem is that we have a Christmas holiday coming up and I think we have a duty to let those who are planning to take part know sooner rather than later. Some people may be planning special trips for New Year's Eve around our race. We also have St John Ambulance booked, our own team booked - and we don't think it fair to give them short notice if that can be avoided. We are also aware that email contact details we hold could be work addresses and so we probably need to make contact before the Christmas break

So, our Course Director, as things stand right now, is recommending cancellation - and we think we have to respect that advice. And so the race on New Year's Day will not now take place. Whilst we know that you will be disappointed we would ask you to understand why we made the decision.

Many races now do not offer a refund policy because of the up front expense incurred in putting on a race. However, we don't think this is fair and so we will offer a full refund of the entry fee you have paid. Alternatively, you may be aware that we are looking to stage our postponed Christmas Pudding Dash on Tuesday 28th next week. We don't have the same issues as we have with New Year's Day because the race is all on private land and they have a team of people who will work to get the course fit to run on - so if people can get to the venue then we can have a race. If you wish, you may transfer your entry to that race. Indeed, you also have the option to have your entry transferred to any of our 2011 programme of UK races - please see our website and let us know if you would like to transfer; we will then make the arrangements.

We will also transfer our support for the Alzheimer's Research Trust to the race on Tuesday. We have loads of stuff to give away for youngsters who take part in the Children's race and we will also be looking to make a donation to ART as well as our Pudding Dash event charity, Christian Aid.

Once again, our apologies for the disappointing news - but we hope you understand.

On behalf of Cathy, myself and the Nice Work team we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy - and thawing - New Year.

Kind regards
Martin Burke
Race Director

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