Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Saturday August 22nd 2015 The Brentwood Brizes 10k (Revised results)

1 0:36:16 FARRER, Tyrone Southend AC Male Vet 40
2 0:37:31 MILES, Lloyd Billericay Striders Male Vet 45
3 0:37:54 DARCY, John Serpentine Running Club Male Vet 40
4 0:38:20 KESTON, Danny Unattached Senior Male
5 0:38:55 ST LEGER, Graeme Springfield Striders Senior Male
6 0:38:58 HATTON, Neil Rochford RC Male Vet 45
7 0:39:31 BELSOM, Robin Ipswich Jaffa Male Vet 55
8 0:40:15 HOLLAND, Ben Unattached Junior Male
9 0:41:19 ANDERSON, Peter Havering '90 Joggers Senior Male
10 0:42:11 ENGLAND, Martin Unattached Male Vet 50
11 0:42:27 RADLEY, William Unattached Senior Male
12 0:42:53 SMITH, Emily Unattached Female Vet 35
13 0:43:51 OTTE, Lloyd Unattached Senior Male
14 0:44:20 HARROLD, Lee Unattached Senior Male
15 0:44:56 PICKETT, Samantha Rochford RC Senior Lady
16 0:45:02 SPONG, Sue Havering '90 Joggers Female Vet 55
17 0:46:01 HOLLAND, John Unattached Male Vet 45
18 0:48:33 LEE, Daniel Unattached Senior Male
19 0:49:14 MOUGHTON, Mark Springfield Striders Male Vet 50
20 0:49:21 SMITH, Isabel Unattached Senior Lady
21 0:49:36 FREEMAN, Mark Rochford RC Male Vet 55
22 0:50:58 LEWIS, Rob Unattached Senior Male
23 0:51:00 PALLETT, Ray Team Gadget Senior Male
24 0:51:23 SPONG, Ray Unattached Male Vet 55
25 0:51:36 MILSON, Abbigail South East Essex Tri Club Senior Lady
26 0:52:14 TIETSEN, Andrew Unattached Senior Male
27 0:52:18 O'CONNOR, Rory Unattached Male Vet 40
28 0:53:21 CARVEY, Richard Dengie 100 Runners Male Vet 45
29 0:53:38 ROBERTS, David Unattached Male Vet 40
30 0:54:54 HAWKER, Martin Unattached Senior Male
31 0:54:56 MCDONALD, Marie Stubbington Green Runners Female Vet 40
32 0:55:18 GRAY, Lynsey Phoenix Striders Female Vet 45
33 0:56:15 FLANNIGAN, Teresa Pitsea RC Female Vet 60
34 0:56:22 CLISSOLD, Bill Team Slug Male Vet 55
35 0:56:34 COHEN, Graham Unattached Male Vet 55
36 0:57:38 ELLIOTT, Francesca Unattached Senior Lady
37 0:57:41 SHORE, Paul Team Gadget Senior Male
38 0:58:01 BODMER, Lizzie Great Bentley Running Club Junior Lady
39 0:59:30 TYNAN, Andrew Unattached Male Vet 40
40 0:59:33 CAMPBELL-CARR, Matt Leigh-on-Sea Striders Senior Male
41 0:59:37 PEAKER, Sally Unattached Female Vet 50
42 1:03:09 SINFIELD, Laura Unattached Senior Lady
43 1:03:12 BRATHWAITE, Helen Unattached Female Vet 50
44 1:03:39 HAWKER, Louise Unattached Female Vet 35
45 1:05:08 RADLEY, Dionne Unattached Female Vet 50
46 1:05:08 PEAKER, Kevan Unattached Male Vet 50
47 1:05:40 LINDSAY, Raymond Unattached Male Vet 60
48 1:10:00 BATTERS, Bob Unattached Male Vet 50
49 1:12:32 CLARK, Zoe Unattached Senior Female
50 1:13:35 SCHWER, Will Felixstowe Road Runners Senior Male
51 1:13:36 MORGAN, Benjamin Unattached Senior Male
52 1:13:36 MORGAN, Kitty Unattached Senior Female


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