Thursday, 3 September 2015

Wednesday 2nd September 2015 The Samphire Hoe 5k Summer Series Race 4

Pos Time Name Club Age Category  Race No
1 0:17:32 KOLESZA, Gergo Unattached Senior Male 35
2 0:17:39 BOYCE, Chris Ashford & District Senior Male 45
3 0:18:05 CLARK, Kieran Unattached Senior Male 47
4 0:18:19 UDEN, Warren Dover Road Runners Senior Male 57
5 0:18:32 KLEINASSER, Simeon Beech Grove Academy Junior Male 41
6 0:18:47 KEIDERLING, Stephen Beech Grove Academy Junior Male 42
7 0:18:54 PEACOCK, Mark Ashford Tri Club Senior Male 17
8 0:19:13 HUSK, Gary Dover Road Runners Male Vet 40 55
9 0:19:23 HAYES, Paul Unattached Male Vet 45 6
10 0:19:26 RANG, Simon Unattached Male Vet 40 49
11 0:20:06 SHIRKY, Clarance Beech Grove Academy Senior Male 58
12 0:20:42 VOLLER, Dan Dover Road Runners Senior Male 60
13 0:20:43 MOORE, Shane Unattached Senior Male 13
14 0:21:08 WINSTANLEY, Gary Deal Male Vet 40 3
15 0:21:37 CREW, Darren Folkestone Running Club Male Vet 45 51
16 0:22:31 FAGG, Dean Unattached Senior Male 14
17 0:23:22 LAWRIE, Phil Unattached Male Vet 45 19
18 0:23:24 FOOTE, Graham Dover Road Runners Male Vet 50 48
19 0:23:26 SCOTT, Anthony Unattached Male Vet 45 56
20 0:23:47 STOAKES, Jody Folkestone Running Club Female Vet 35 52
21 0:24:02 NIXON, Annette Dover Road Runners Female Vet 45 23
22 0:24:31 MCCONNEL, Martin Dover Road Runners Male Vet 50 59
23 0:24:48 WRAIGHT, Travus Unattached Senior Male 15
24 0:25:00 LAWRIE, Phoebe Unattached Junior Lady 20
25 0:25:05 BARNES, Jamie Dover Road Runners Senior Male 44
26 0:25:50 DENTON, David Striders of Croydon Male Vet 50 46
27 0:25:52 COOMBES, Deirdre Folkestone Running Club Female Vet 60 53
28 0:26:46 FOOTE, Tracy Dover Road Runners Female Vet 50 26
29 0:26:47 BARNARD, Jon Unattached Male Vet 40 40
30 0:27:00 PARKER, Angela Dover Road Runners Female Vet 45 28
31 0:27:24 BAILIE, Alice Unattached Senior Lady 4
32 0:27:47 BARNES, Michele Dover Road Runners Female Vet 45 27
33 0:28:16 HARPER, Kirsty Dover Road Runners Senior Lady 24
34 0:28:43 MERCHANT, Janyn Unattached Senior Lady 54
35 0:29:12 EMBERLEY, Keith Kent Police AC Male Vet 65 43
36 0:29:38 AUSTIN, Brian Unattached Male Vet 45 11
37 0:29:46 ANGOVE, Mark Unattached Male Vet 50 39
38 0:32:04 BOND, Mike Dover Road Runners Male Vet 60 1
39 0:34:48 THORPE, John Dover Road Runners Male Vet 75 7
40 0:36:56 BISCOE, Rachel Unattached Female Vet 45 36
41 0:36:59 MCARDLE, Katrina Unattached Female Vet 35 37
42 0:36:59 STOKES, Sharon Unattached Female Vet 40 38
43 0:40:09 BONES, Jenny Unattached Female Vet 45 33
44 0:43:43 CLOAKE, Theresa Unattached Female Vet 55 31
45 0:45:08 BAKER, Billy Dover Road Runners Male Vet 60 34


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