Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday 18th October 2015 The Bushy Park 5k Series Race 5

Pos Finish time Chip time First name Last name Sex Club/Company Age category Bibno.
1 00:18:05 00:18:04 Mark Trueman M MS 217
2 00:18:55 00:18:54 Paul Murphy M Ealing Eagles MV40 219
3 00:19:23 00:19:23 Megan Steer F St Albans Striders FS 214
4 00:21:45 00:21:42 Deborah Steer F St Albans Striders FV50 216
5 00:23:43 00:23:38 George Silbery M MS 211
6 00:25:53 00:25:47 Adrian Davis M MV40 61
7 00:27:18 00:27:09 Laurence Fox M MS 52
8 00:28:46 00:28:40 Phoebe Steer F St Albans Striders Female Junior 215
9 00:28:47 00:28:40 Francis Dowdall M MV60 221
10 00:29:21 00:29:14 Mark Johnson M MV40 218
11 00:29:47 00:29:39 Sue Hellier F FV45 210
12 00:31:31 00:31:22 Steven Boyce M MV45 204
13 00:33:17 00:33:10 Annmarie Lundie F FS 205
14 00:33:25 00:33:16 Grace Hough F Telford Harriers FV65 223
15 00:33:37 00:33:27 Bernadette Tilley F Runnymede Runners FV50 55
16 00:34:39 00:34:27 Adam Gudsell M MV40 91
17 00:35:00 00:34:44 Diane Mullen F FV45 10
18 00:35:03 00:34:53 Simone Weckmann F FS 208
19 00:36:50 00:36:40 Katy Webb F FS 209
20 00:36:59 00:36:46 Grazia Biancotti F FV45 31
21 00:37:39 00:37:26 Nicola Taylor F FV45 58


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