Sunday 17 April 2016

Sunday 17th April 2016 The Goudhurst 5k

Pos Time Name Club Category Race No.
1 0:20:55 PARRIN, Simon Istead & Ifield Harriers Male 252
2 0:21:52 IRELAND, David Unattached Male 214
3 0:22:22 CLARK, William Tonbridge AC Male 254
4 0:23:15 LLUFRIO-ELLIOTT, Josh Unattached Male 206
5 0:23:46 VEYSEY-SMITH, Tim Paddock Wood AC Male 246
6 0:23:54 THOMAS, Simon Unattached Male 215
7 0:24:54 CLARK, Maddie Tonbridge AC Female 264
8 0:25:42 LLOYD, Oliver Cranbrook Joggers Male 244
9 0:25:42 STREATFIELD, Sol Unattached Male 243
10 0:26:06 WEBB, Jack Unattached Male 251
11 0:26:08 WEBB, Jason Unattached Male 250
12 0:26:36 JOHNSON, Alfred Unattached Male 259
13 0:27:31 LORCAI, Hanna Unattached Female 263
14 0:27:57 BACKHOUSE, James Wadhurst Runners Male 241
15 0:27:58 QUINN, Jennifer Folkestone Running Club Female 256
16 0:28:04 FULLAGAR, Clare Dragons Running Club Female 249
17 0:28:08 HOPE, Lovie Unattached Female 242
18 0:28:14 KEEN, Chloe Unattached Female 236
19 0:28:23 OGIVIE-KHAN, Kamran Unattached Male 262
20 0:28:28 HARLEY, Sam Unattached Male 220
21 0:28:46 TATNELL, Martha Unattached Female 235
22 0:29:20 HANLON, Jenny Unattached Female 232
23 0:29:25 EATON, Eve Cranbrook Joggers Female 227
24 0:29:38 DONALDSON, Ian Unattached Male 205
25 0:29:57 MARKOWSKI, Caroline Unattached Female 245
26 0:30:06 BRETT, Serena Unattached Female 260
27 0:30:10 DE WIDT, Sarah Unattached Female 226
28 0:30:15 SHANAMUGASELVAKUMAR, Vigneshmanikhandan Unattached Female 219
29 0:31:09 CANCLINI, Dan Unattached Male 237
30 0:31:29 CLARK, Karen WTC Female 257
31 0:32:03 TASKER, Louise Cranbrook Joggers Female 208
32 0:33:09 PAGE, Daisy Unattached Female 229
33 0:33:16 PAGE, Sorcha Unattached Female 228
34 0:34:30 AVERY, Kristina Cranbrook Joggers Female 255
35 0:34:56 HILLIER, Lindie Unattached Female 218
36 0:34:56 WEBB, Penny Unattached Female 239
37 0:35:10 MAYHEW, Rebecca Unattached Female 258
38 0:36:38 MILLBERRY, Glen Unattached Male 223
39 0:36:57 CHAMBERS, Lauren Unattached Female 217
40 0:37:05 IGGULDEN EXON, Katie Unattached Female 212
41 0:37:27 HANNAVY-COUSEN, Ellen Cranbrook Joggers Female 230
42 0:38:00 BACKHOUSE, Bonita Wadhurst Runners Female 240
43 0:38:04 JONES, Cecilia Unattached Female 225
44 0:38:43 HARFOOT, Rhiannon Unattached Female 248
45 0:39:45 LEWTHWAITE, Sarah Unattached Female 216
46 0:40:16 HOUNSELL, Mandy Unattached Female 233
47 0:40:16 ROBERTSHAW, Paula Unattached Female 234
48 0:40:36 STOWELL, Zana Cranbrook Joggers Female 213
49 0:41:26 WATSON, Robin Unattached Male 231
50 0:43:39 MOEN, Julia Unattached Female 224
51 0:43:39 BRETT, Alison Cranbrook Joggers Female 261
52 0:43:46 BRIDGWATER, Chris Lingfield Running Club Male 247
53 0:43:46 CROWHURST, Trevor Lingfield Running Club Male 238


Unknown said...

4th place - name was Josh Llufrio-Elliott, not David

Ron Hill's Alter Ego said...

Hi Josh, That's been amended for you.

Anonymous said...
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