Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday 11th September 2016 The Swanley & District 10k

1 0:38:22 SAKER, Graeme Tonbridge AC Male Vet 50
2 0:41:34 HAMILTON, Paul Unattached Senior Male
3 0:41:46 GROOM, David Petts Wood Runners Male Vet 50
4 0:42:16 WEBB, Fred Swanley & District AC Male Vet 50
5 0:43:20 BEARDMORE, Martin Unattached Senior Male
6 0:43:45 PERKS, Andy Striders of Croydon Male Vet 40
7 0:43:47 JOHNSON, Tony Bexley AC Male Vet 40
8 0:44:33 ROZEE, Matt Unattached Senior Male
9 0:44:46 BURBANTE, Marcello Unattached Senior Male
10 0:45:44 BHOGAL, Sunjay Striders of Croydon Male Vet 40
11 0:46:16 FLYNN, Martin Gravesend Road Runners Senior Male
12 0:47:55 HOLTON, Graham Unattached Senior Male
13 0:49:20 KELLY, Dana Unattached Female vet 35
14 0:49:43 GOLDSACK, Tim Unattached Male Vet 40
15 0:49:59 HODDINOTT, Michael Unattached Male Vet 40
16 0:50:21 BUTCHER, Neil Unattached Male Vet 40
17 0:50:33 WOOLSTON, Matthew Swanley & District AC Male Vet 40
18 0:50:40 WHITTAKER, Julian Unattached Male Vet 40
19 0:51:22 PLUMMER, Paul Unattached Male Vet 50
20 0:51:56 GREEN, Luke Unattached Senior Male
21 0:51:59 COLLIS, James Cambridge H Male Vet 40
22 0:52:10 WELTON, Neal Unattached Male Vet 40
23 0:52:38 STAINES, Mick Unattached Male Vet 60
24 0:53:28 ETRA, Aiman Sittingbourne Striders Male Vet 50
25 0:56:18 TALBOT, Stephen Unattached Male Vet 40
26 0:57:36 EVANS, Alice Unattached Senior Female
27 0:58:22 KASPER, Eric Unattached Senior Male
28 0:58:32 SMITH, Daniel Unattached Senior Male
29 0:59:28 BISHOP, James Unattached Senior Male
30 0:59:36 RAMSEY, Elizabeth Unattached Female Vet 45
31 1:00:09 EAST, John Unattached Male Vet 50
32 1:00:22 TIERNEY, Trevor Road Runners Club Male Vet 50
33 1:00:37 SHARP, Rosemary Unattached Female Vet 55
34 1:01:12 TURGUT, Ros Orpington Road Runners Female Vet 45
35 1:01:23 LEE, Laura Dartford Road Runners Female vet 35
36 1:02:20 KEYS, Deborah Unattached Female Vet 45
37 1:02:23 GAGER, Duncan Unattached Male Vet 50
38 1:02:54 LIDDY, Debbie Unattached Female Vet 55
39 1:03:02 GOREY, Lauren Orpington Road Runners Senior Female
40 1:03:14 DOWDALL, Francis Unattached Male Vet 60
41 1:04:57 O'REILLY, Ashleigh Unattached Female vet 35
42 1:04:57 WELSTEAD, Martin Unattached Male Vet 40
43 1:05:36 BEARDMORE, Vanessa Unattached Female Vet 45
44 1:06:04 HONOUR, Sarah So Let's Go Running Senior Female
45 1:08:02 BROWN, Louise Unattached Female vet 35
46 1:08:36 WALES, Paige Unattached Senior Female
47 1:08:36 WINTER, Colby Unattached Senior Male
48 1:10:04 KEYS, Rachel Unattached Junior Female
49 1:10:41 SAIZ, Ramon Maidstone Harriers Male Vet 70
50 1:15:12 SMITH, Robyn Unattached Senior Female
51 1:15:12 SMITH, Victoria Unattached Senior Female
52 1:16:25 CRABTREE, Natalie Unattached Female Vet 45

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