Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday 14th June 2015 The Capital Runners RIchmond Park 5k Series Race 3

Pos Finish time Chip time First name Last name Sex Club/Company Age category Bibno.
1 00:25:06 00:24:43 Sophie Tan F
FS 547
2 00:25:10 00:24:46 Rafael Gazzi M
MS 548
3 00:26:56 00:26:30 Tim Worsley M
MV40 581
4 00:26:56 00:26:32 Richard Yolland M
MV40 582
5 00:28:01 00:27:11 Holly Boyd F
FS 558
6 00:29:00 00:28:06 Khairil Abdul Hamid M Sneaker monsters MS 557
7 00:29:42 00:29:15 Terri Ann Creaser F
FS 554
8 00:29:43 00:28:46 Barbara Santana F
FV35 542
9 00:30:30 00:29:26 Amy Taylor F Bunch of CTs FS 534
10 00:31:31 00:30:41 John Webber M
MV70 549
11 00:31:35 00:31:10 Pippa Quail F
FV35 559
12 00:31:47 00:30:56 Ana Sinche F
FV35 538
13 00:32:03 00:31:07 Daniella Dunsmore F
FS 544
14 00:32:15 00:31:20 Niall Daly M
MS 543
15 00:33:19 00:33:16 James Parker-Kelly M
Junior 523
16 00:34:14 00:33:16 Isabel Sassoon F
FV40 539
17 00:34:27 00:33:23 Emma Mcauliffe F
FS 576
18 00:34:31 00:33:38 Adlina Jamaluddin F Sneaker monsters FV40 555
19 00:34:31 00:33:38 Amir Abdul Hamid M Sneaker monsters MV40 556
20 00:35:37 00:34:49 Catherine Mansfield F
FS 550
21 00:35:45 00:34:51 Hisam Facham M
MV45 567
22 00:38:04 00:37:37 Zoe Walker F
FS 541
23 00:39:12 00:38:23 Sylvia Fenwick F Mum's Mafia FV40 536
24 00:39:39 00:38:46 Shadi Gharanbaghi F
FV35 579
25 00:43:45 00:42:56 Sarb Patel F Mum's Mafia FV35 376
26 01:04:02 01:03:04 Feisar Ahmad M
MS 585


Unknown said...

I would like to ask you to remove my name (Laszlo Piros) as winner and the guy after me as 2nd (Alex Yau) and set to DNQ as we left the track at the end and our finish was definitely not correct, due to the very poor organisation. The real winner is the girl at the 3rd place (Sophie Tan) (probably...). Congratulations for her!

I'm very disappointed. This run has ruined my whole week.


Ron Hill's Alter Ego said...

Thank you for your message Laszlo and I'm sorry you feel so disappointed.

I'm also happy to remove your names from the results if that is what you wish.

You are quite correct that you did leave the course - but I'm afraid it was not due to poor organisation. The marshal clearly directed you but for some reason you did not heed their instructions. We have organised more than 25 races on that exact same course and the marshals on duty are experienced. In all the races we have organised in the Park we have never had a runner take the wrong route there - why you did so I cannot answer but it is unfair to blame the mistake on 'poor organisation'. Nobody else in the 5k race had a problem apart from the runner following you - and all 10k runners took the correct route.

The Race Director tried to discuss the issue with you but you didn't really seem willing to engage with him.

Unknown said...

I'd like to point out that when I ran near the marshall near the finishing line, I told her I was running the 5K and she said: "Okay" and just let me through without really pointing out that I went off course.

I also spoke to the race director afterwards and he told me that the overall distance ran was 5k, despite myself accidentally branching off onto the incorrect exit.

Unknown said...

Well said Alex! I'm sorry for your run too! I was running towards the marshal and ask her which way should I go (as it was my first run on this track I did not know where the 5k and 10k split. Obviously 10k runners have no similar problem) and she was hesitating. No signs at all. Ron you can think what you want, but it was poorly organised! Maybe cos you do 25 races on the same track you think everybody know the track as you do.

Wendy Owen said...
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