Friday, 12 June 2015

Thursday 11th June 2015 - The Leicester City 5k Summer Series - Race 2

No Time Name Club Category Race No.
1 0:17:14 GIBSON, Steve Beaumont Running Club Senior Male 809
2 0:17:26 MANSELL, Ian Dudley & Stourbridge Harriers Senior Male 835
3 0:17:29 BARTON, Jason Stilton Striders Senior Male 848
4 0:17:34 WARREN, Danny Badgers Senior Male 820
5 0:17:41 MCMILLAN, Kevin BRAT Senior Male 877
6 0:17:43 FRANKLAND, David West End Runners Senior Male 900
7 0:17:50 NEALON, Chris Wreake Runners Junior Male 825
8 0:18:16 BERRYMAN, Luke Wreake Runners Junior Male 888
9 0:18:47 LEWIS, Andrew Eastleigh Senior Male 890
10 0:18:56 BAKER, Karl Team Derby Runner Senior Male 802
11 0:19:14 STOREY, Chris Corby AC Senior Male 808
12 0:19:27 WELLS, Matthew Poplar Running Club Senior Male 818
13 0:19:36 FLOWERS, Osian Ivanhoe Runners Senior Male 707
14 0:19:38 GAYTON, Matthew Stilton Striders Senior Male 887
15 0:19:44 GLOVER, Darren Stilton Striders Male V40 899
16 0:19:50 BRENNAN, Matthew Team AVI Senior Male 881
17 0:20:10 PAYNE, Adrian Badgers Senior Male 891
18 0:20:29 TAPLIN, John Unattached Male V40 732
19 0:20:32 LINDLEY, Andy Ivanhoe Runners Male V45 728
20 0:20:37 HOOD, Paul Unattached Senior Male 769
21 0:20:45 CHARLTON, Richard Aggregate Industries Male V45 863
22 0:21:09 FOWELL, Clare Ivanhoe Runners Female V45 872
23 0:21:30 CRAIG, David Badgers Senior Male 834
24 0:21:36 POTTER, Hugh Huncote Harriers Male V50 816
25 0:21:42 SAXTON, Luke Unattached Senior Male 879
26 0:21:44 JANOWSKI, Lukasz Team AVI Senior Male 880
27 0:21:48 EARP, David Badgers Senior Male 875
28 0:21:56 DUFFIELD-MOORE, John Unattached Male V50 882
29 0:22:06 ROBINSON, George Wreake Runners Junior Male 837
30 0:22:07 BANKS, Peter Coventry Godiva Harriers Male V65 714
31 0:22:11 YOUYUENYONG, Pedithep West End Runners Senior Male 893
32 0:22:20 MCCULLAGH, Esther Unattached Female V40 895
33 0:22:22 FUNG, Cliff Beaumont Running Club Male V50 876
34 0:22:46 BELL, Karen Ivanhoe Runners Female V45 844
35 0:22:58 ELLIS, Robert Unattached Male V40 866
36 0:23:01 GABE, Martin Fleckney & Kibworth RC Male V45 897
37 0:23:29 ODOM, Kayleigh Unattached Junior Female 857
38 0:23:33 FRATEZAK, Kamil Unattached Senior Male 774
39 0:23:39 STAINES, Mick Unattached Male V65 886
40 0:23:46 RIX, Matthew Fleckney & Kibworth RC Male V40 819
41 0:23:53 GRIFFIN, Barry Darcy Fitness Male V50 771
42 0:24:04 NEWBERRY, Anne Ivanhoe Runners Female V45 852
43 0:24:06 SAVICKAS, Deimantas Unattached Senior Male 775
44 0:24:10 BUNTING, Rachael Badgers Senior Female 823
45 0:24:16 DEWIS, Cheryl Nuneaton Harriers Female V40 894
46 0:24:33 SMITH, Sam Unattached Senior Male 812
47 0:24:38 YORK, Steve Unattached Male V45 810
48 0:24:38 GREAVES, Pete Team AVI Male V45 838
49 0:24:39 LANDSBURGH, Gordon Hinckley Running Club Male V40 715
50 0:24:39 GARFORD, Sarah Hinckley Running Club Female V35 722
51 0:24:53 BRADSHAW, Lee Unattached Senior Male 811
52 0:24:56 POLLARD, Greg Hinckley RC Beginner's Group Senior Male 712
53 0:25:01 ANDREWS, William Unattached Male V55 864
54 0:25:26 KIRKPATRICK, Holly Unattached Senior Female 841
55 0:25:38 KIRK, Helen Squirrels Female V35 873
56 0:25:55 PEEL, Richard BD Living Senior Male 805
57 0:26:20 ODOM, Sarah Unattached Senior Female 856
58 0:26:29 ROBINSON, William Wreake Runners Junior Male 836
59 0:26:32 GOSS, Roger Unattached Senior Male 777
60 0:26:36 DOORE, Robert Unattached Male V45 829
61 0:26:48 HARPER, Sallyann Chase Harriers Female V40 858
62 0:26:48 GRASHAM, David Chase Harriers Male V40 859
63 0:26:55 POLLARD, David Squirrels Senior Male 869
64 0:26:57 DANIELS, Gemma Hinckley Running Club Senior Female 729
65 0:27:10 PATEL, Hiten Unattached Senior Male 776
66 0:27:14 BENISTON, Kelly Beaumont Running Club Senior Female 770
67 0:27:23 SHORT, John Unattached Senior Male 833
68 0:27:32 BHOOT, Tej Aggregate Industries Senior Male 861
69 0:27:44 POLLARD, Kirsty Hinckley RC Beginner's Group Female V35 710
70 0:27:47 WHEATLEY, Victoria Unattached Senior Female 853
71 0:28:01 GREGORY, Stuart James Stilton Striders Senior Male 817
72 0:28:04 SWEENEY, Andy Unattached Male V45 832
73 0:28:11 LANGDALE, Ann Unattached Female V55 884
74 0:28:23 DA ROSA, Thais Unattached Senior Female 842
75 0:28:30 BAKER, Philip Unattached Male V60 828
76 0:28:32 MOHAMMED, Afif Unattached Senior Male 767
77 0:28:44 BANKS, Zoe Unattached Senior Female 874
78 0:28:52 DANIELS, Mike Hinckley Running Club Male V50 731
79 0:28:53 WRIGHT, Kevin Nuneaton Tri Male V45 889
80 0:28:56 CATCHESIDE, Verity Unattached Female V35 772
81 0:28:57 BARNETT, Keeley Squirrels Female V40 773
82 0:29:08 AHMAD NAWAWI, Ahmad Unattached Senior Male 768
83 0:29:12 MCDERMOTT, Isobel Unattached Female V55 726
84 0:29:23 LODWICK, Alison Roadhoggs Leicester Female V55 896
85 0:29:37 CARTER-WHITTLE, Luke Team AVI Senior Male 840
86 0:29:47 DEAN, Jacqueline Unattached Female V45 878
87 0:30:24 KACHHELA, Trusha Unattached Female V40 733
88 0:30:37 JOHNSON, Helen Poplar Running Club Female V35 821
89 0:30:43 ASPDEN-MANSFIELD, Elizabeth Hinckley Running Club Female V40 708
90 0:30:45 LEWIS, Kim Aggregate Industries Senior Female 862
91 0:31:12 FRETTSOME, Amy Aggregate Industries Senior Female 860
92 0:31:41 BATES, Kirsty Unattached Senior Female 883
93 0:32:28 FREETH, Vanessa Unattached Senior Female 854
94 0:32:28 KNIGHT, Kevin Unattached Male V55 855
95 0:32:49 BRYAN, Luke Barrow Runners Senior Male 831
96 0:32:54 JEFFERIES, Keeley Hinckley RC Beginner's Group Senior Female 870
97 0:33:05 SPRIGGS, Nicola Unattached Senior Female 871
98 0:33:22 AGNEW, Claire Unattached Female V40 850
99 0:33:22 VAN ASCH, Adam Unattached Male V40 851
100 0:34:57 SMITHIES, Liz Unattached Female V50 830
101 0:35:08 MITCHELL, Kathryn Unattached Female V40 807
102 0:42:38 ANON, Miss Unattached Senior Female 999


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